New Vitamix Personal Blender


I’m excited to introduce you to the new S30, a high-performance personal blender that’s designed to fit small kitchens, busy lifestyles, and individual servings. Some of its key features include:

  • Two blending containers: A 20-ounce container for single servings that becomes an instant travel cup with flip-top lid, and a 40-ounce container with two-part lid and tamper, offering complete recipe versatility for blending hot or thick mixtures
  • An interchangeable blade base that attaches easily to both containers
  • A powerful, high-performance motor with Variable Speed Control and Pulse that crushes ice and processes any ingredient
  • A full-color cookbook with personal and small-batch recipes for every meal of the day

I am stoked about  the latest blender from Vitamix – the S30 Personal Blender. It’s perfect if you travel and want to take your Vitamix with you. Great for small kitchens too.

Performance that fits:
You’re not feeding an army. Create 3 squares a day with 6 inches of countertop—and blend just the right amount.

Vitamix has combined its high-performance engineering with the convenience of a personal blender. Whether you’re on the go or enjoying meals at home, the S30 makes it easy to create single and double servings of your favorite recipes while fitting easily on your countertop. 

Vitamix is one the BEST investments in your health that you can make!
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Private Cooking Lessons

Private Cooking Lessons For Individuals and Small Groups

Do you want to improve your healthy cooking skills? Put more plant based foods on your plate?
My goal is to show you how easy cooking healthy, delicious meals can be.

I offer private instruction in your home.

We will start with an introduction to cooking with whole foods, where you’ll learn how to make-over your pantry to eliminate processed foods, understand labels, and learn about healthy cooking methods.

We will decide on the menu in advance of our session and then I provide some nutrition education while we cook together.

These lessons can be one-on-one or for small groups (6 people maximum)
Classes are 2 hrs. Prices vary, depending on location and group size. Please email for more info.

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Transform Your Life

BLOG lifestyle transformation


75% of people that lose weight will gain it back within the first year. That number is staggering. The truth is, making a drastic lifestyle change can be a challenging process. Having someone to guide you through that process can help ensure your long term success.

It takes time and support to make changes so that they become part of your lifestyle. My 12 month program is designed to help you build a new healthy life.

This program is ideal for anyone that has struggled with yo-yo dieting. Popular fad diets offer temporary, short-term solutions that ultimately destroy your health and actually make it harder to lose weight. Using the latest research in nutritional science. we can help you repair your body and lose weight, all while eating delicious foods. Escape the cycle of food addiction, toxic hunger and overeating for good.

You not only receive the nutritional advice and dietary guidelines, but also a full year of coaching to help you break old habits and establish new healthy ones.

Read more….

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There’s NO Such Thing as a Healthy Oil


There is NO such thing as “Healthy” oil!

Never fails…every time I tell a client that they need to eliminate the use of oils in their diet, they look at me like I’m crazy. Some even even try to argue the issue….but the truth is, they don’t have a leg to stand on. I’ve done my research folks.

Oil is a highly processed junk food full of fat and calories and lacking nutrition.

The fat you eat, is the fat you wear.

Eliminate the use of all oils and you will not only cut down on empty calories, but you will also take a step forward in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Do be confused my (food industry supported) reports talking up the benefits of “heart healthy” oils – there is no such thing. Olive oil has been fortunate to have a good marketing team that convinces is it’s healthy, when it’s not. (The oil companies have deep pockets). It takes 8 olives to get a teaspoon of oil – wouln’t you rather eat the olives instead?

Don’t confuse my anti-oil statements as being anti-fat. we need healthy fats – but they should come from the whole plant source – nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, olives, etc. By eating the food in ot’s whole form, you get all the nutrients and fiber that are removed when they’re processed into oils.

No oils naturally occur in nature. They are a processed food. Unnecessary. Harmful to your arteries (they damage the endothelial lining). AND – when heated, the oils are damaged and free radicals are formed.

Need more proof? Read the study conducted by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn at the Cleveland clinic – the longest study of it’s kind (20 yrs)

There has been a lot of research on this – so do yourself a favor and read up on it. I have included a few links below that I’m sure you will find eye-opening.

OIL TO NUTS: The Truth About Fats (Jeff Novick Video)

When Friends Ask: Why Do You Avoid Adding Vegetable Oils? (Dr. McDougall)

Olive Oil Is Not Healthy (Michael Klaper MD Video)

The Big Oil Post (Engine 2)

Is Coconut Oil Good For You? (Dr. Michael Greger, via care2)


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What is Your Health Worth?



Eating organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans inhibits cancer growth. A plant based diet strengthens your immune system, protects you from diabetes, heart disease, obesity and maintains strong bones.

These are the facts folks! Yet millions of very intelligent people still ignore a plant strong lifestyle and choose to gorge themselves on meats, processed foods and dairy. The reality becomes apparent when the doctor’s findings are devastating.

While those eating a plant strong diet experience optimal health well into their golden years – flesh eaters are gulping down handfuls of prescription drugs, and visit their doctors more than they visit their grandchildren – barely able to get around and look physically old, tired and bloated.

People invest in the future with 401K’s, pensions, stock investments, and retirement plans. But the one thing they fail to invest in is their long term health. What is that investment account really worth if you don’t live long enough to actually enjoy it?

Don’t give me the BS line, “but I want to enjoy my life (ie, food)…I don’t want to deprive myself.” Seriously? Since when is heathy nutritious food un-enjoyable? So what you area really saying is that you are fine with depriving your loved ones of your existence in their lives? The cheeseburgers, steak, lobster, etc are more important than your healthful longevity. I absolutely guarantee – if you eat (even a “healthy” version of) the Standard American Diet – it is NOT a matter of IF you will suffer from Cardiovascular disease (or a variety of other ailments)…it is just a matter of when you will start suffering the consequences. Unless you make changes, the damage is there.

It is possible to eat healthfully AND enjoy it! It IS possible to be a “foodie” on a plant based diet – you just have to change your focus.

Think of your future…

Think of your loved ones…

Don’t be reckless with the sinlge most important thing in your life – your health.

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Blendtec Blenders – Free Shipping

blendtec blog

I was recently asked by the nice folks over at Blendtec to represent their products. In case you’re not familiar, Blendtec makes high powered blenders, mixers and mills. The Blendtec company has an excellent reputation, so I graciously accepted their offer.

I just wanted to take a moment here to familiarize you with their products.

Blendtec is mostly known for their high powered blenders. Similar to and of comparable quality to Vitamix.

If you’re wondering whether there’s a difference between the two – well, yes and no. Blendtec and Vitamix are equals in my opinion when it comes to function.

Vitamix is well loved for it’s simplicity.

For those that like gadgets with buttons and a more “techy” look, you should consider the Blendtec blenders.

Whether you are a culinary novice or a seasoned chef, Blendtec makes your life in the kitchen easier and your life outside healthier. From hearty soups and whole grain breads to green drinks and frozen treats. The possibilities are endless.

The Designer Series™ brings a whole new level of beauty and functionality to the kitchen.

The Designer Series blender has been engineered to bring a whole new level of beauty and functionality to the high-end blender category, without compromising the famous power and efficiency of our Total Blender Classic.

Features include:

  • Complete speed control
  • Vivid icons
  • New sleek design
  • Easy, fast cleanup
  • Versatile functionality
  • Blend Cycle Icons—More than Just Pretty Pictures
  • The touch area has illuminated, easy-to-read, universal icons that enable you to effortlessly select our signature blend cycles. These cycles are optimized to deliver great blends with a single touch.

Factory Certified Refurbished models are available at a deep discount.

Certified Refurbished means these blenders have passed inspection and meet stringent standards. With a full 7-year warranty, you can buy a discounted reconditioned blender with confidence!

I am able to offer shipping on any of the Blendtec products, please contact me if you have any questions.

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Vitamix Sale!



Start 2014 off right and get that Vitamix you’ve been dreaming about!

Vitamix is having a sale from January 1st thru the end of February -

They are offering a temporary reduction on Standard Reconditioned Machines:

•       Standard Variable Speed: $299 (add $20 for Brushed Stainless)

•       Standard Programs:  $349 (add $20 for Brushed Stainless)

•       Standard 2 Speed:  $279

Every customer who purchases a Standard Variable Speed or Standard Programs Reconditioned machine will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes:

•        10 Vitamix Machines

•        50 Extended Warranties

•        140 Smoothie Cups

Backed by a solid warranty, the reconditioned models are really a great value. If you call them up, they will even give you a payment plan.

Need help deciding? Just shoot me an email!
As always – when you use my code, you get free shipping – *Enter code 06-008081 at checkout!