Lose Weight by Juicing

Want to lose weight and feel better? Drink at least 2 glasses of vegetable juice per day.

Freshly made juice made with fresh organic produce is best. You will  balance your system’s pH, so your body can get rid of the fat cells that store acids.  The body stores acids it can’t get rid of in fat cells.
It will even make fat cells to store acids, if there isn’t enough storage space available.


The typical American diet is laden with acid-forming foods—meat, bread, cheese, sweets,  junk food, soda, coffee, tea and alcohol. By consuming a diet rich in alkaline foods, your body can rid itself of acids and the fat cells that store them. The result? Losing weight while barely even trying. You will also look better, feel better and have more energy. Not bad, huh?


My advice: invest in your health. Purchase a quality juicer, fill your fridge with fresh, organic fruits and veggies and toss out all of the processed “stuff.” (I say “stuff” because it doesn’t deserve to be called food – it lacks any real nutrition)





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