Dangers of “Healthy” Sweeteners


Sugar can contribute to a long list of health problems. Elevated insulin levels are the foundation of many chronic diseases, so you are wise to watch your intake of sweeteners. But be careful!

 Many sweeteners in processed foods masquerade as healthy… while still risking your health by raising your blood sugar levels.

Here are some popular ones I believe you should stay away from:

Agave nectar. Labeled a ‘natural’ sweetener by the FDA. Just because a product is called natural doesn’t mean it IS natural.

Agave nectar is a highly processed incredibly concentrated form of fructose. It passes through a centrifuge process several times at high temperatures until it is finally converted into – get this – high fructose.

By the time processing is complete it’s far from the natural product its proponents claim it is. In fact, it can contain as much as 90% fructose – way more than HFCS’s 55% level. Because it’s fructose, it’s metabolized directly by the liver. Agave nectar is linked to the same diseases as HFCS.

Evaporated cane juice. One hundred grams of cane juice is pretty much the same as 100 grams of other sweeteners, no matter what you call it. Just because it sounds like a whole food doesn’t mean it does not still have all the negative effects of sugar. You’re not doing your health any favors with evaporated cane juice.

Brown rice syrup. Brown rice syrup is another culprit that has a ‘healthier’ sound – but it is far from healthy. In my opinion, you should stay away from it. Besides, it’s known to contain MSG


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2 thoughts on “Dangers of “Healthy” Sweeteners

  1. I had no idea brown rice syrup was known to contain MSG! I fell for the Agave “fad” when it first came out and then started hearing all the dangers of it. Great post!! I really enjoyed it.

    • Thanks for reading! It’s really unfortunate that there are so many decpetive practices in the food industry. We as consumers have to be educated and informed. Stay healthy!

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