Emotional Eating

Do you turn to food when you’re upset or stressed? Your emotions may be driving when, what and how much you eat –  de-railing your weight loss efforts. You can put yourself back in control.

Gain awareness: Are you really hungry?

When you think you’re hungry, you need to stop yourself as soon as you’re headed for the fridge. Just learn to stop yourself and ask yourself in that moment, “Am I even hungry?”

Evaluate: Is your stomach growling? Do you feel shaky or weak? Are you tired? When was the last time you ate? Was it three or four hours ago? Ask yourself those questions. On a scale of 1 to 10, I want you to ask yourself, “How hungry am I?” (10 being the hungriest)?

Make a plan:

1. Find ways of nurturing yourself and pampering yourself that are not food related. Know yourself.  What are your hobbies? Find an exercise buddy.

2. Cut sugar from your diet. Sugar can be as addicting and can lead to overeating by sending hunger signals to the brain even when we’re full.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. Keep healthy snacks on hand.

5. Plan your meals amd snacks ahead of time.

6. Get the unhealthy junk food out of the house.

*For those times when you do reach for a snack – Make a healthier choice. Have air-popped popcorn, not chips. Have a low-fat frozen fudge bar instead of a pint of ice cream.


Eat Healthy and Thrive




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