Healthy Choices

I’m on a mission…
To change the way people eat and think about food.
Food should nourish – not just fill.
In simple terms: Eat more fruits & veggies. Stop buying junk.
STOP feeding your kids junk. It’s not enough that YOU aren’t eating pop tarts and fruit loops – Don’t feed that crap to your children either. The foods that you are feeding them now are determining their future health.

Food choices, especially food choices early in life, are the primary cause of disease and premature death.

Think about that…
Food can slowly poison…or food can heal. The choice is yours and it starts in your grocery cart.

“More and more evidence emerges each year that the diets we eat in our childhood have far-reaching effects on our adult health and specifically on whether we get cancer. Similarly, there is an abundance of scientific research that supports the need for a dietary lifestyle that protects our children from other serious diseases.” – Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Eat Healthy & Thrive


One thought on “Healthy Choices

  1. Thanks for this great entry! To teach the concept of eating healthy, check out our free activity where students make their own cottage cheese while learning how to understand food nutrition labels. In the spirit of healthy kids, we invite classrooms from grades 3-7 to enter to win a healthy holiday party with $100 from GEF and Cabot cheddar cheeses. The contest is all about sustainability education, so to enter, simply conduct an activity (including the cottage cheese activity) from our free lesson, ‘Wonder Wheel! Food for Healthy Kids and a Healthy World.’ The deadline is November 30 and your chances of winning are looking good!

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