Vote with your Wallet – Don’t Buy GMO’s

Many of us here in California are mourning the defeat of Prop 37 in yesterday’s election. Prop 37 would have required labeling of GMO foods. Unfortunately, the $45 million Monsanto spent on ads filled with lies and propaganda worked….for now anyway.
Hopefully, the companies that do NOT use GMO’s will stand proud and lable their products GMO FREE.
These companies got what they paid for ~ the defeat of Prop 37 in California; to misinform and misdirect the vote in favor of the corporate interest:
Monsanto – $7,100,500
DuPont – $4,900,000
Pepsi – $2,145,400

Bayer – $2,000,000
Dow – $2,000,000
BASF – $2,000,000
Syngenta – $2,000,000
Kraft Foods – $1,950,000
Coca-Cola – $1,455,500
Nestle – $1,315,600
General Mills – $1,135,000
ConAgra – $1,077,000
Kellogg’s – $790,000
Smithfield – $684,000
Vote with your wallet – refuse to buy anything that contains GMO’s. Boycott the companies listed above. Consumers have the power to make their voices heard – face it, money talks.
Just because a product is sold at Trader Joes or Whole Foods does not guarantee that it is free of GMO’s – READ FOOD LABELS!

Anything not labeled non-GMO, USDA Certified Organic that contains soy, corn or sugar (most comes from GMO sugar beets) and cottonseed, canola or “vegetable” oil are all genetically modified. Buy as local as you can, all organic,  and avoid as much as possible, processed foods.


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