Yes, You Can Stay Healthy While Vacationing

healthy eating

by Cole Millen, guest blogger

In the past, many travelers simply accepted the fact that they would gain weight while away from home. Unfortunately, this belief led many to avoid vacations in the past. However, there are steps travelers can take to stay healthy while enjoying their vacations; here are a few guidelines to consider.

Be Careful in Airports

Those leaving for a vacation often feel pressed for time, and many people forget to eat before departing for the airport. Eat beforehand, and choose healthy restaurants in airports if necessary. Consider bringing some snacks aboard the flight to help ease your hunger.

Avoid the Minibar

Minibars are tempting, but high prices and calories-rich foods make them poor choices for those looking to stay healthy. If possible, refuse the minibar keys; if this is not possible, consider placing them in an area for their difficult to reach. Bring along some snacks to help ease any late-night cravings you may encounter.

Walk as Much as Possible

While it may be tempting to take taxis and other forms of local transportation, walking to your destinations can help you burn some calories while enjoying local sights. In addition, consider guided tours and other activities that will allow you to explore your vacation spot while walking. Those on a regular workout schedule may also wish to ask for advice about great places to walk or run.

Choose Restaurant Wisely

Restaurants are an essential component of travel, and more places offer healthy eating options than ever before. As a result, travelers can often expect to find delicious, healthy options at most restaurants. Avoiding buffets and other all-you-can-eat restaurants can relieve you of the temptation to eat too much food.

Another option many health experts are recommending is to choose your meals before heading to a restaurant. Reading reviews of restaurants and finding healthy alternatives in areas like the Las Vegas hotels, where the ever so dangerous buffets are plentiful, can be the difference maker in a healthy week. This will allow you to see if restaurants can provide you with a menu that fits your diet, whether you are vegetarian or vegan and such. Most restaurants now provide online menus, and researching your options and choosing your meal before leaving can help you avoid the temptations of battered, butter and cheese-covered meals. A bit of research can go a long way.

While vacations are filled with temptations, companies, hotels and restaurants now offer a number of options for those looking to stay healthy. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your vacation without feelings of guilt derived from eating too much and avoiding exercise.

“Cole Millen, an avid traveler and foodie who never forgets that life’s best
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