End Food Cravings Now!


Want to know how to end cravings for good? It’s really simple.

The key to success is knowing Health = Nutrients/Calories

As you start to meet the body’s nutrient needs, it desires less food. This mean we’re not going to crave food as much or want to eat as often.

When you eat foods that have toxic properties or that aren’t healthy for you, they create addictive withdrawal symptoms once you stop eating them. Since those symptoms are relieved by frequent eating, they drive people to eat more frequently than is truly necessary.

For example, if you stop drinking coffee you get headaches. You can get rid of the headaches by either breaking the caffeine habit altogether, or by drinking more coffee.

Likewise, when you eat a diet that contains processed foods, trans fats, sugar and lots of salt, your diet is relatively toxic and when you stop eating for a few hours, you start to feel bad. Feeling weak, light-headed, abdominal spasms, and headachy, are NOT symptoms of hunger. These are symptoms of withdrawal.

To stop those addictive drives and the cravings that lead to poor health and obesity, we have to restore nutritional excellence. Get back in touch with the amount of calories we actually need. The reason that dieting does not work is because you are always fighting your addictive sensations.

The cravings won’t subside if you keep feeding them.

When people stop smoking cigarettes, they have to stop. Completely.

Cutting back is not stopping! It continues to nurse the addiction.

The same is true of sugar, salty foods,  processed foods, dairy products, or any other addictions. The only way to stop is to replace it with something that is both nutrient dense and delicious!

Taste actually improves as you start to eat healthier. By eating a nutrient dense diet, your taste adjusts itself so that you actually get more pleasure from eating, not less.  Giving up some of your favorite, unhealthy foods requires only a temporary loss – after a while you’ll actually like this way of eating more than your old way. When you’re eating food that tastes good and aren’t restricted on the quantity, you don’t feel deprived.

Eat Healthy & Thrive



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