Fat Flush Water

This recipe will make 1 gallon.
  • Water – as much water as it takes to fill up your container
  • 2 *grapefruits, sliced
  • 3 tangerines, sliced
  • 1 small cucumber, sliced
  • 1 lime, sliced
  • 2 slices of watermelon (no rind)
  • 5-6 peppermint leaves
    *Grapefruit is contraindicated if you are taking certain prescription medications. Lemons can be substituted.


Wash and slice grapefruit, tangerines, limes and cucumber. Cut watermelon into chunks. Add all ingredients to a pitcher and fill with cold, filtered water. Keep refrigerated. Stir & Enjoy!

The grapefruit is loaded with vitamin C to help your body turn fat into fuel. The tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar, and stimulates genes to burn fat. Cucumber helps you feel full and acts as a natural diuretic, which means less bloating and water retention. Lemons and Limes are high in Vitamin C, aid weight loss and improve digestion. Watermelons are high in Vitamin C, Lycopene and potassium. And lastly, it has peppermint, which is not only refreshing but also promotes better digestion and stomach calm.

Make a big pitcher of Fat Flush Water every morning. The longer it sits, the better it will taste. Drink at least one 8 oz. glass 3 times/day for 10 days straight.

Eat Healthy & Thrive



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