Considering a Plant Based Diet?

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Have you been considering a plant based diet, but need a little help navigating the new terrain?

Well, you’re not alone. Change doesn’t always come easy, especially when it comes to overhauling your diet. By having someone help you along the way, you can avoid some common pitfalls that many new vegetarians/vegans often face. (like turning into “carbotarians” or relying solely on processed foods.) I developed this program specifically for that reason – to not only introduce you to the world of a whole foods plant based diet, but to also give you the tools you need to eat the healthiest foods possible. And don’t worry – those foods are delicious and filling!

The 28 Day Kick-Start gives you all the tools you need to kick-start your health with a plant strong diet.

The online program includes:

  • 4 week menu plan of delicious meals with recipes (PDF)
  • Nutrition and Health related information
  • Access to Facebook group for continued support

Eat Healthy & Thrive 28 Day Kick-Start Online Program is totally self-paced with no one-on-one coaching or email support. You get access to everything you need to follow the program on your own.

The 28 Day Guided Program gives you everything listed above, as well as unlimited phone and email access and individual support for the duration of the program. Calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours.

This program will give you just the boost you need to start moving in a healthier direction.

Why go plant strong?

Eating a well balanced, plant-based diet is one of the most powerful things you can do for your personal health. The foundation of this dietary style is built from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans/legumes, nuts/seeds, as well as herbs and spices.

Becoming plant strong means taking an interest in the nutritional quality of your diet. Quite simply, strive to eat a diet containing highly nutritious foods.

In a nutshell, Plant Strong means:

  • Eat lots of high-nutrient, natural plant foods: vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds.
  • Eat no (or very few) animal products.
  • Eat much less or almost no foods that are completely empty of nutrients or toxic for the body such as sugar, white flour and processed foods.

Research shows that people who eat plant-based diets have lower weight, reduced risk of chronic diseases, better nutrient intake, reduced risk of food-borne illnesses, lower exposure to dietary contaminants, and very often, better management of chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Good health is a choice that you can make today!

Eat Healthy & Thrive


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