Put an End to Diabetes


“For diabetics,optimal health is not achieved by eating less to lose weight. Rather, diabetics have to make a big commitment not only to forming better eating habits but also to eating the right foods to healp the body heal.” – The End of Diabetes, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

If you or someone you love has diabetes (or os borderline) – read that quote again. Let it really sink in. Diabetics are not doomed to a life of pills, needles, insulin and all of the related complications. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed and Type 1 managed more effecively by making some dratic changes to your diet. I say drastic only because it is quite a change from the Standard American Diet (SAD) – which is what made you sick in the first place. Personally, I think ending up on dialysis due to diabetes related kidney failure is drastic. make the healthy changes in your life now, so that you never have to go down that road.

*it is important when making any changes to your diet, to make your physician aware so that your medications can be closely monitored.

I highly recommend reading The End to Diabetes, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It is filled with great information from both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, as well as those that are at a risk for diabetes.

I will break down a few key points for you here:

The key is to start choosing foods based on their nutrient density. Before you eat something, ask yourself: Is the food I’m about to eat a healthy, whole plant-based source of calories? Is it packed with fiber, antioxidants and other phytonutrients? Were most of the nutrients lost in the processing or cooking?

Ideally, you will eliminate (or at least drastically reduce) your intake of animal protein (in all of it’s various forms: flesh, eggs, dairy, etc)

Research shows that for every 5% of calories consumed from animal protein, the risk of diabetes increase 30%. Eat more foods rich in plant protein and less in animal protein.

The main source of carbohydrates in the diabetic diet should be from beans, not grains. (preferrably red or black beans) Beans and greens are a diabetics best friend.

As far as grains go, go for whole (unground) grains. The more finely ground the grain is – the more unfavorable it is for diabetics.

Avoid anything that is white – white flour, white rice, white potatoes, white pasta.

Stop using oil. Regardless of whether it’s EVOO, canola oil or coconut oil – ditch it. Get you fats from healthy, whole food sources – nuts, seeds and avocados.

The ideal diabetic diet is based around green vegetables, beans, small amounts of fruits, nuts/seeds.

Take charge of your health and start making lasting lifestyle changes – do it for yourself, do it for your family… just do it. Good health is a choice you can make today.

Eat Healthy & Thrive




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