Healthy New Year’s Resolutions


2014 – here we come!

The start of the New Year innevitably brings a rush of resolutions…usually resulting in new gym memberships and fitness plans. Your diet should not be overlooked, however. When it come to weight loss and good health, I’d say that it is 80% diet and 20% exercise; yet diet is often that last thing people look at. You can not exercise away a bad diet.

Why not start the New Year off with the resolve to eat healthier?

I offer several programs that can help you get on the right path.

Juice Cleanse

A cleanse is an opportunity to rest/heal our overloaded digestive organs and allow them to get caught up on past work and release toxins. I will customize a cleanse for you and offer guidance along the way. You will receive a manual, and unlimited phone/email support during the cleanse

28 Day Kickstart

The 28 Day Kick-Start gives you the tools you need to kick-start your health with a plant strong diet.

The online program includes:

•4 week menu plan of delicious meals with recipes (PDF)

•Nutrition and Health related information

•Access to Facebook group for continued support

Eat Healthy & Thrive 28 Day Kick-Start Online Program is totally self-paced with no one-on-one coaching or email support. You get access to everything you need to follow the program on your own.

The 28 Day Guided Program gives you everything listed above, as well as unlimited phone and email access and individual support for the duration of the program. Calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours.   Before you start your 28 Day Kick-Start, take the time to clean out the junk food in your kitchen, review the recipes and restock your cupboards and refrigerator with healthy, whole foods.

8 Week Re-Boot

Reboot your health and increase your vitality! This 8 week program will help you gain control over your eating, cravings and health – and is customized to meet your specific needs/goals. The plan includes an initial one hour consultation where your eating habits and body composition will be assessed and your needs addressed. This program includes a manual and unlimited phone and email/IM contact for the entire 8 weeks.


Good Health is a choice that you can make today!

Eat Healthy & Thrive


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