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I was recently asked by the nice folks over at Blendtec to represent their products. In case you’re not familiar, Blendtec makes high powered blenders, mixers and mills. The Blendtec company has an excellent reputation, so I graciously accepted their offer.

I just wanted to take a moment here to familiarize you with their products.

Blendtec is mostly known for their high powered blenders. Similar to and of comparable quality to Vitamix.

If you’re wondering whether there’s a difference between the two – well, yes and no. Blendtec and Vitamix are equals in my opinion when it comes to function.

Vitamix is well loved for it’s simplicity.

For those that like gadgets with buttons and a more “techy” look, you should consider the Blendtec blenders.

Whether you are a culinary novice or a seasoned chef, Blendtec makes your life in the kitchen easier and your life outside healthier. From hearty soups and whole grain breads to green drinks and frozen treats. The possibilities are endless.

The Designer Series™ brings a whole new level of beauty and functionality to the kitchen.

The Designer Series blender has been engineered to bring a whole new level of beauty and functionality to the high-end blender category, without compromising the famous power and efficiency of our Total Blender Classic.

Features include:

  • Complete speed control
  • Vivid icons
  • New sleek design
  • Easy, fast cleanup
  • Versatile functionality
  • Blend Cycle Icons—More than Just Pretty Pictures
  • The touch area has illuminated, easy-to-read, universal icons that enable you to effortlessly select our signature blend cycles. These cycles are optimized to deliver great blends with a single touch.

Factory Certified Refurbished models are available at a deep discount.

Certified Refurbished means these blenders have passed inspection and meet stringent standards. With a full 7-year warranty, you can buy a discounted reconditioned blender with confidence!

I am able to offer shipping on any of the Blendtec products, please contact me if you have any questions.

Eat Healthy & Thrive



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