What is Your Health Worth?



Eating organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans inhibits cancer growth. A plant based diet strengthens your immune system, protects you from diabetes, heart disease, obesity and maintains strong bones.

These are the facts folks! Yet millions of very intelligent people still ignore a plant strong lifestyle and choose to gorge themselves on meats, processed foods and dairy. The reality becomes apparent when the doctor’s findings are devastating.

While those eating a plant strong diet experience optimal health well into their golden years – flesh eaters are gulping down handfuls of prescription drugs, and visit their doctors more than they visit their grandchildren – barely able to get around and look physically old, tired and bloated.

People invest in the future with 401K’s, pensions, stock investments, and retirement plans. But the one thing they fail to invest in is their long term health. What is that investment account really worth if you don’t live long enough to actually enjoy it?

Don’t give me the BS line, “but I want to enjoy my life (ie, food)…I don’t want to deprive myself.” Seriously? Since when is heathy nutritious food un-enjoyable? So what you area really saying is that you are fine with depriving your loved ones of your existence in their lives? The cheeseburgers, steak, lobster, etc are more important than your healthful longevity. I absolutely guarantee – if you eat (even a “healthy” version of) the Standard American Diet – it is NOT a matter of IF you will suffer from Cardiovascular disease (or a variety of other ailments)…it is just a matter of when you will start suffering the consequences. Unless you make changes, the damage is there.

It is possible to eat healthfully AND enjoy it! It IS possible to be a “foodie” on a plant based diet – you just have to change your focus.

Think of your future…

Think of your loved ones…

Don’t be reckless with the sinlge most important thing in your life – your health.

Eat Healthy & Thrive



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