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75% of people that lose weight will gain it back within the first year. That number is staggering. The truth is, making a drastic lifestyle change can be a challenging process. Having someone to guide you through that process can help ensure your long term success.

It takes time and support to make changes so that they become part of your lifestyle. My 12 month program is designed to help you build a new healthy life.

This program is ideal for anyone that has struggled with yo-yo dieting. Popular fad diets offer temporary, short-term solutions that ultimately destroy your health and actually make it harder to lose weight. Using the latest research in nutritional science. we can help you repair your body and lose weight, all while eating delicious foods. Escape the cycle of food addiction, toxic hunger and overeating for good.

You not only receive the nutritional advice and dietary guidelines, but also a full year of coaching to help you break old habits and establish new healthy ones.

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Eat Healthy & Thrive


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